Information Management

Part and parcel of most technical services is the need for obtaining information intelligently from various sources and collating it as input data for the service provider.

We, at Vulcantech, do this all the time in our own innovative ways; for one, we make sure to use technology wherever we can to augment information gathering. This approach clearly ties into our philosophy of delivering quality technical services to our clients.

In the information management area, true to our core philosophy, we have done interesting and high-tech projects. Capturing company and its personnel data, classifying large image dataset based on certain criteria, verifying google earth driver data and seeding data for an online social platform are some examples of projects we have undertaken and what makes them interesting are the custom tools, like browser plugins & desktop apps etc, we developed to enable and augment efficient information gathering.


We also have clear processes and systems to make sure the information gathered is verified and trustworthy. We understand that quality assurance (QA) processes are integral to information management and have developed a fine-grained QA system drawn from our vast technical experience.

Also, information management allows us to provide an end-to-end solution for a client i.e, we not only provide technical solutions and services while acting as a design shop for our clients but we also have that extra edge by providing the value added service of information gathering and management needed for the client to kick start and bring to fruition his/her product or service.