About Us

Vulcantech Software's aim is to provide high-quality technology consulting, something of a rarity in today's world. We believe quality is more important than quantity and strive to achieve perfection in whatever we do.

Vulcantech Software doesn't want its relationship with clients to be one dimensional; we want to actively participate in fine-tuning your requirements, design and identifying the best solution to your technical problems. We believe we can make the relationships with clients more fruitful and fulfilling than any other run of the mill technology consulting firm.

We at Vulcantech Software firmly believe that technological innovation is the key to success of any company and at the heart of any problem there lies a solution using technology. We can figure out that solution for you.

Vulcantech Software uses open-source technology heavily in the form of GNU/Linux and its wonderful wide world of open source & free software libraries and toolkits. However, we are essentially platform agnostic and have developed myriad custom Microsoft Windows & Apple Macintosh applications too - we simply use the best tool for the job.

We have executed an amazingly diverse range of projects. These projects range from using programming languages like Python & Perl to perform sophisticated data-crunching to building enterprise ASP.NET applications; from writing Android apps to writing Facebook™ plug-ins; from implementing CMS (Drupal) solutions to developing complex AJAX websites, from writing social media search engines to writing custom distributed web crawlers; from working with custom Oracle & SQL Server apps to working with large clusters running MySQL databases and the list goes on.

To put it another way, if you have any problem or requirement which can be solved by software, chances are our Vulcantech Software can help you design & implement the solution.

Our management profile, track record & testimonials speak for themselves. Make a wise choice today - choose Vulcantech Software for your technical consulting needs and never look back.