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Data Services Platform

Data Mining & Parsing Analysis :

Many of our projects involve some sort of data parsing & analysis. We have evolved custom technology solutions to parse and analyze data from a multitude of sources, both offline and online. Our data services platform is sophisticated enough to handle extremely complicated data inputs.Vulcantech has significant expertise in efficiently gathering & handling large volumes of data in an enterprise environment - we have done so for some of the top universities and companies in the world.

Databases :

We have extensive experience working with a variety of databases like Oracle™, MySQL™, PostgreSQL™, SQL SERVER™,MS ACCESS™ etc. and also with legacy databases. We have executed many projects where we have had to churn & process data, optimize queries, parallelize & collate query results, convert data from one database to another etc.Vulcantech has administered & maintained large database servers in production environments for enterprise clients. Overall, Databases form an integral part of Vulcantech's data services offering.

Data Crawlers & Spiders :

Extracting data from a multitude of sources is a critical task for all companies today. Startups need data for their website or webservice; universities need data for their research and analysis; companies need data for their market studies and surveys. Slicing and searching the data in different ways is what web services are all about.

We have sophisticated toolkits developed in-house to extract data from almost anyplace, anywhere and anytime. We can deploy crawlers in a distributed manner, create custom wrappers for specific data sources, integrate the crawling and parsing to feed into existing systems, work with any database back-end to store the results of the crawling & parsing. Crawling and parsing large volumes of data is bread and butter for Vulcantech; we have a full-fledged suite of tools ready at our disposal which we have used time and again to solve our clients requirements.

Document Management Systems :

Document Management Systems are complex pieces of software which at the least must support

The following features:

  Allow for input of data in various forms and      formats
  Conversion between file formats
  Data archiving
  Tagging & searching stored data regardless of      format
  Processing and/or cleaning up of data
  Gathering and sending information on the      obtained data

When the amount of data churned is huge, say many TB's, storing and searching such data becomes a whole project in itself.

Vulcantech has solid experience in the field of documentation management and we have developed custom solutions for insurance & legal concerns which churn and process large volumes of enterprise data in real-time.

We have used a plethora of tools to implement these custom solutions including those we built in-house alongwith open source toolkits such as Tika, SOLR, Lucene, iText etc.

Data Categorization & Sentiment Analysis :

Categorization and sentiment analysis are hot topics in the online world today. The abundance of data has lead to a pressing demand to categorize the data into specific areas so as to be more relevant and focused. Trying to understand the category or sentiment of pieces of information, typically unstructured is a hard problem and a topic of active academic research. We have implemented custom solutions while using WEKA, Rainbow, NLTK and other toolkits for our clients requirements.