We have extensive experience working with a variety of databases like ORACLE, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL SERVER, MS ACCESS etc. and also with legacy databases. We have executed many projects where we have had to churn & process data, optimize queries, parallelize & collate query results, convert data from one database to another etc. We have also administered and maintained large database servers in production for many clients. In short, databases are bread and butter for TG.

Database design

We have been required to design all types of database based on client requirements – ranging from small, in-house use to heavy-traffic websites. The design is usually agnostic to the underlying platform the client uses.

We gather the client requirements, come up with ER diagrams , analyze the usage & traffic pattern the client expects, the configuration of the database servers, the performance bottlenecks in the systems and other relevant factors in coming up with a detailed db. We have designed databases for enterprise websites which handle millions of hits daily.



Query Optimization

TG has executed project where query speed bottlenecks were analyzed and an efficient set of queries were devised based on client requirements.

We don't restrict ourselves to a particular technology but rather work on well-expounded principles of query optimization and database designs. We have executed query optimization projects with RDBMS, object databases, SOLR search servers

Data Migration

Data migration is a critical task for any enterprise; typically enterprises migrate data when moving to a new system or upgrading from a legacy system or for scaling their existing system. We have extensive experience in moving and conveting large chunks of data between different formats and systems.

Data migration involves corner cases, last-minute problems & emergency situations - it is critical to evolve a model and execute it at the appropriate time. TG's Data Services Platform is well-equipped and experienced in handling any such data migration task.