What does Vulcantech bring to the table? Why would you want to offshore your product development or seek our technical consulting services if you have never worked with us before? We hope the below material will provide enough insight into our organization,our philosophy, our approach and our technology focus and make the decision an easy onefor you.

Vulcantech Engagement Model (Vulcantech EM™)

We have developed and refined over time our own Vulcantech Engagement Model (Vulcantech EM™) which addresses the most important concerns of companies and startups who want to avail of our outsourced technical consulting services or seek our offshore product development capabilities.


For any company, big or small, to offshore their product development or outsource technical consulting services, a big stumbling block is the lack of context for the remote teams. This leads to incorrect prioritization, wrong assumptions and a general mis-alignment which is critical for the success of the project. We make sure to solve this problem by using the vast experience and skill of our management who have had varied exposure in the computer software & hardware markets around the world, we make sure to obtain context by hiring people with worldwide exposure and experiencce, we make sure our managers and engineers specifically understand the context by having training sessions before project commencement and finally we try to open as many lines of interaction as possible so that any context which is necessary seeps through to our teams.


This is a key problem when it comes to technical consulting services or offshore product development. When the language doesn't match it leads to overruns and worse bugs in the implementation. We make sure our managers and engineers are well-versed in English and have sufficient communication skills to understand and take part in the iterations back and forth. We also have state-of-the-art conferencing systems to make sure we are always available and ready to communicate with the client. Our work culture is close to 24x7 and an informal, open culture where we try to resolve issues immediately by working with the Client - this greatly helps in resolving communication issues


The big difference between a consultant and an own company approach is that at the end of day when you take the long drive back home, the consultant isn't thinking about the product whereas the owner of the company or startup is. This total commitment and ownership is key to the success of any project. We are aware of this and neither do we act as an outside party nor do we want to be treated as one. We want our Clients to succeed and will pull out all stops for that to happen; we believe we are all part of the family and have to share the trials and tribulations in the road to success. This kind of approach is why till date we have never lost a Client and we never hope to! We promise you that we will go the extra mile atVulcantech- whether it be burning the midnight oil (or) being there during technical emergencies (or) implementing extra features outside the spec (or) suggesting new technologies and approaches (or) even suggesting reduction in size and costs.

 Management bandwidth

Managing remote teams usually takes up precious bandwidth from the Client managers. This may lead to long hours, frayed nerves and communication breakdowns. We, at Vulcantech, make sure that our Client managers have the smoothest possible interaction with our engineering teams - to achieve this we hire engineers and managers with foreign experience and with experience of dealing with remote teams so that they know the problems involved and being faced by the Client. We also make sure that the timezone differences are used to our advantage wherever possible (for example: deploying or testing when its nighttime at HQ).

 Intellectual property

Many companies, especially startups, depend on their intellectual property for their survival. We are acutely aware of the importance of understanding IP and preserving it. We are not only careful about our clients IP but also about the licenses and patents of the software toolkits and libraries we use. A solid ethical philosophy is at the core of theVulcantechapproach. We routinely sign NDA's and work in high-risk, production environments for our Clients and have never had any instance of any IP problem whatsoever.

 Matching skillsets

Many times companies and/or startups look for specific skillsets and struggle to find them. They are then left with the choice of not being able to offshore any development and developing skillsets in-house. we believe that, not only can we match any technology skillset given the depth and breadth of our organization and varied project experience over the years but we can even go one step further by helping the Client to pick, and if necessary change to use, the correct technology and tools for the project.

Technical Consulting services:

The diagram below gives a detail picture about what we offer to our clients when it comes to high tech consulting services. These are classified as data services platform, end to end solution, enterprise migration, web services, mobile services and voice services.Click on each of them to know more about what we can offer.