End to End Solution

At Vulcantech we can not only help in the implementation of your project or products, but also join hands with you to help you in every phase starting from design to deployment. This is a key differentiator when it comes to Vulcantech and other outsourcing shops - we are agile, flexible and constantly provide feedback to the client while executing to a plan.

Many times there are changes & iterations in the midst of a product cycle; it might be due to unexpected circumstances, market pressures, budgetary issues, deadlines and a plethora of other factors. We understand all this perfectly and work closely with our clients in making sure that we are constantly attuned to their requirements and deliver a quality product on time. Towards achieving this we use multiple software development models - agile, XP, RUP etc - depending on what is most suitable for the project at hand.

We routinely help clients take technology decisions; such decisions are crucial in the long-term when issues of scalability and enterprise support come into play.

For many startups, which literally just have a product idea on a sheet of paper, we start from the basics - collecting data to seed their web site or web service, establishing a roadmap of feature releases, designing their technology platform, implementing their solution in the most efficient manner - in other words, walking in step with them on their growth path.


nrelate.com - an example of end-to-end-solution developed with the help of Vulcantech

For established industries, we usually need to approach it the other away round. We assess the systems in place, suggest technology platform changes and come up with suggestions to improve their bottlenecks. In many cases, we have caused drastic reduction in costs while increasing their output manifold by the use of the appropriate design & technology; for example automating a part of the work using open source libraries & toolkits.

Fundamentally, our strong points are the technical competence and the work ethics of our engineers, staff and management i.e, the whole organization. We don't believeVulcantechis a separate company but rather a part of yours. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and end-to-end solutions are the ideal way to show our technical prowess and commitment. This philosophy has helped us retain every single client since our inception - a fact which we are very proud of.