Voice Services

Voice services is a rapidly maturing technology space in which Vulcantech has been greatly interested in since inception. Voice services can be used not only for providing a natural speech interface to existing applications but can be used to usher in a whole new set of applications changing the face of human-computer interaction.

We believe the future of computing has to include voice-based solutions. This is apparent in the multitude of voice based services available today ranging from online ticket booking to technical support. In this context we have developed and continue to develop several innovative voice apps which show case the potential for voice based technical solutions and also our competency in designing the same.

Some examples of Vulcantech's innovative voice apps include airport shuttle booking, advanced book search, restaurant booking, local news, cheap gas locator etc. We believe that there is an endless potential for such solutions in the high tech consulting space and continue to push the boundaries of this technology.

Voice apps we have helped build encompass a wide range of technology like VXML, Perl, Javascript, database backends, python etc.