Mobile Services

Mobile Apps is the hottest growing segment in the technical industry. Host of platforms available today like J2ME in Nokia mobile phones, I phone Apps, Android Apps, we have solid experience in writing quality apps in almost all the mobile platforms.

One of our projects, VAYU was specifically for one of the largest industrial houses in south India to enable their field officers to query inventory and process billing via their mobile phones. Another project MobiGaruda demonstrates a mobile education platform through which a variety of exams and test could be conducted for the end user. It allows the user to take this practice test/exam on the go. We implemented a fully fledged CAT (common aptitude test), IIM ENTRANCE mobile application for using J2ME.


Custom Message Libraries

Mobile apps represent a huge market today in the technology space. We, at Vulcantech, have developed J2ME, iPhone & Android apps for a number of customers. Writing a quality production app for any mobile platforms requires a proper understanding of the platform and technical expertise; Vulcantech with its swiss-army knife engineering process can provide clients with feature-rich custom apps with a short turnaround time.


J2ME, iPhone & Android apps

We have developed enterprise software which can process i.e send and receive thousands of SMS and MMS messages to and from mobile gateways. Our custom libraries for this purpose are high-performance, multi-threaded apps which have been deployed by our clients in production. We provide a host of features with our custom mobile message libraries and allow for a highly configurable and quickly deployable messaging system.