The aim of mobiGaruda is to create a mobile platform where any education content can be hosted easily by content providers and which provides the user a fully featured mobile app for them to utilize anywhere/anytime/anyplace.

With the current revolution in mobile phones, the possibilities of such a platform are endless. Content providers can come together and push their content via the mobiGaruda platform to thousands of end-users. Furthermore, new content can be updated constantly by upgrading the app. Users, for their part, will no longer need to be tied down in front of a computer and can take the test at their convenience.


For a proof of concept, we started out with CAT mobile app released for the CAT 2009 exams and our CAT app featured more than 15000 questions, 8 mock tests, and 32 practice sessions. We provided this CAT app completely free as a proof of concept app and it was heavily downloaded and covered by leading media outlets in south India.

The mobiGaruda platform is a highly configurable and easily deployable platform. It allows for the      publishing of any test, exam or quiz of any duration, containing text or images, multiple-choice or   otherwise.   Any test  can be saved,  restarted at any time;   scores can be tracked and periodic content updates can be provided.

The current mobiGaruda platform is available only on the J2ME platform; we are developing an Android-based version currently.