The processing of a high volume of mobile messages is a key requirement for companies in the industrial and media sector. Vulcantech's Vayu product was specifically designed for this purpose.

Vayu can send and receive thousands of messages and take various actions based on the processing of these messages. It offers a host of features and a highly configurable plugin system. This allows Vayu to be deployed in a wide variety of platforms including legacy systems.

Vayu's architecture is scalable; it can work with small custom SMS solutions as well as entperise sms gateways provided by mobile operators.

Vayu comes bundled with a set of utilities and a neat web app which can be used for sending and receiving bulk messages, creating message groups and provide analytics and logging of message flows.

Vayu at its heart uses a set of open source technologies & toolkits to achieve a production-ready messaging platform. Java, php, python, mySQL and GAMMU form the basis of Vayu's core suite.


Vayu has been tested on the field i.e in production by some of the largest industrial houses in India where it was deployed on the field to process messages by field agents spread throughout the country