Web Services

Web 2.0 :

Most startups create complex apps which use the latest technology and provide a myriad set of features; the web2.0 app is no longer simple and . Fact is that web technology evolves incredibly quick; the team at Vulcantech is at the forefront of this evolution using and developing latest tools & services for the web2.0 space. We have extensive experience in executing web apps of all sizes for customers around the world. In doing so we have used a wide variety of open source tools like jquery, prototype, gwt, ext-js, django, LAMP, yiiframework etc.

Social Media :

Vulcantech is deeply interested in the technology which helps drive social media; whether it be Facebook apps, harnessing the power of Twitter or building on top of the dozens of social media services & tools available. Right from our inception, We have executed custom social media projects used by thousands of users for our many clients around the world.

Content Management Systems :

Vulcantech have developed large and complex websites using content-management systems like Drupal and Joomla. Vulcantech have vast experience in customizing Drupal/Joomla to suit client requirements and have implemented custom modules which provide for community networks, writing SOLR search queries, landing page automation, lead management systems etc. Vulcantech have deployed customized CMS.s in production environments for customers who have very high-traffic, enterprise websites.