Founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2006 with development offices in Chennai and sales office in London, VulcanTech is unique in the product and service outsourcing space.

Over the last fifteen years, VulcanTech has executed over 200 projects for clients ranging from startups to global Fortune 50’s. We approach each project as our first and strive to embed ourselves as part of the client’s team from start to finish, from big picture to the small details and from ideation to completion.

Till date, VulcanTech has never lost a client. Further, one of our top growth vectors is get new clients through referrals from existing or old clients, a testament to our commitment to quality over quantity. We believe in having a small boutique team to solve challenging problems. This allows us to provide bespoke solutions, to learn new technologies as needed and to have manageable teams providing high quality service instead of settling for the lowest common denominator.

If you want a remote CTO, global engineering team or a foreign tech center, VulcanTech is the organization for you.

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