• Started as a startup called Ace Learning (renamed to Intellus Learning) bought out by Macmillan Learning
  • Crawling of various educational sites to get education docs in various formats with meta-data.
  • Crawling and parsing data using APIs
  • Worked on ideation to implementation for Ace Learning
  • Standardising 1000s of educational documents into common formats, at scale.
  • Saving on average 5hrs/week per relevant employee.


  • Data mining projects
  • Accessed Los Alamos National Labs™ cluster of 100+ nodes to: - Submit, process and collate billions of rows of data , - Run parallel programs on nodes using python
  • Series of citation analysis, journal dating and other sociological data-mining projects
  • Used PUBMED and ISI databases to mine data and analyze results
  • Work results used in Journal papers and research in Sociology Department
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