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  • Helping connect millions of listeners to their new favorite podcasts.
  • Achieved across major platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Clubhouse
  • Crawling podcasts to classify them and drive new listeners (iTunes, Google and Spotify
  • A Python bot downloads attached video from the tweet
  • Creates transcript and embeds it in a video and uploads to twitter as a reply when the tweet contains '@Headliner caption'.
  • Technologies: Node.js, Python, Django

    • Duta™ was a global media company from 2015-2019 which served millions of users in over 100+ countries.
    • Duta delivered breaking news, live sports, entertainment news, engaging interactive services and devotional content.
    • Duta received funding from top-tier VC’s such as LightSpeed Ventures, and NorthBase Media.
    • Duta was spun-off from VulcanTech which had helped with its ideation and initial implementation till external funding stage.


  • Developed end-to-end architecture and solutions in the blog-search space
  • Web-crawler with plugins that obtained ~5 million blog urls
  • Robust client/server system to process URLs in real-time
  • Parsers to create and post to DB backends
  • SOLR servers to allow a searchable interface of the voluminous amount of blog data
  • nRelate later acquired by
  • studyplaces

  • Developed products for one of India’s leading online education portal
  • Search page: Using lucene & mysql MATCH to provide free-text searching with complex search filters (proximity search, most viewed/most popular, institute weighting etc)
  • Admission results app: Used to find probability of college admissions given historical statistical data and current student marks. Calculate cutoff using rule engine.
  • Was ranked amongst top 800 visited websites in India
  • Drupal-based frontend, MySQL db backend
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